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Friday, November 11, 2005

Alessandra Ambrosio Fan Arts - Flat Colored

by Eko Prasetyo @ 3:47 PM

Free Image Hosting at Another step in the making of the Alessandra Ambrosio Fan Arts. After sketching, Inking, and scanning, I finally put some colors on the arts. I also tried another trick I learned years ago and haven't used it till now: non-black outlines. The end result showed that the trick made the art look silky soft.

To told you the truth, put some shadings into this art is quite tricky, cause my mind keeps on telling me that the art is already looking good, silky soft and tame, and needs no more refining. But there are parts of me that keep me unsatisfied If I haven't done some shadings for this one. I am currently trying to find the right angles and techniques to do the shadings.

I'll let you see what's the final shadings will look like soon.

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